Splendid Synchron offers linguistically and culturally adequate subtitling into any given European language. Due to a joint venture agreement with Broadcast Text International, Splendid can fall back on a network of experienced subtitlers who exclusively translate into their respective native languages. The client's data can be converted into any desired format. The strictly centralised management of the subtitling process (only one partner for all European languages) necessarily results in a significant reduction of the overall costs for the client.

detailed price list on request






The Subtitling Process

  • The client hands in a VHS cassette of their production plus – if available – the final dialogue list in the original language.
  • Splendid Synchron subtitlers will do the spotting, translate the dialogues, and then create the subtitles.
  • Subtitles are then proofed and checked by Splendid Synchron editors.
  • The final version of the subtitled film will consequently be submitted to the client (as VHS proofing cassette and/or *.txt file) for final approval.